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coast with 60-mile-per-hour winds and half a foot of rain in san francisco. trees, cars and trucks smashed. and another major system on the way this weekend. heart and "sole." that photo of a new york cop's private act of kindness now seen around the world. giving a homeless man a brand-new pair of boots. this morning, larry deprimo will be live with us here in times square, right where it happened. ♪ glad you came, i'm glad you came ♪ and the biggest boy bands in the world, trash-talking each other, just like the jets versus the sharks, threatening to fight it out on the streets of new york. are the wanted and one direction about to take their beef to the streets? ♪ so glad you came good morning, everyone. happy friday to robin at home, recovering, getting stronger every day. amy robach here.
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been here all week. and, boy, a big showdown in washington yesterday. the high-stakes meetings over the tax deal brew apart. tim geithner took the president's latest offer to the republicans. you see him there with mitch mcconnell, the republican senate leader, who he said he laughed out loud when he saw geithner's proposal. we'll have all the details ahead. >> wow. and a shocking medical headline this morning. glass particles in a generic drug for lipitor. a drug millions take to control their cholesterol. very scary findings. >> absolutely. look at this, everybody. the secret santa. we don't know his name, trekking around some of the areas hardest hit by hurricane sandy, handing out $100 bills to those in need. >> happy holidays. >> yes. >> absolutely. let's begin with america's latest powerball millionaires. one in arizona. one in missouri. and alex perez is in the small town of dearborn, missouri, where one lucky man is about to go public with his good fortune. good morning, alex.
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>> reporter: well, george, good morning. within hours, the big mystery in this teeny, tiny town could be over. officials will announce who holds that ticket today. if you ask anyone around town here, they'll tell you they already know. it's a factory worker named mark hill. the avalanche of speculation began when this man, mark hill, updated the status on his facebook account late thursday, writing, we are truly blessed. we are the lucky winners of the powerball. within hours, his facebook page went dark. but his family began celebrating. telling abc news, hill is the big winner. >> he's worked very hard in his life and he won't have to anymore. >> just shocked. i mean, just -- i thought we were all going to have heart attacks. >> reporter: hill's mother says he and his wife, cindy, have three grown sons and an adopted daughter from china. she said the couple had been struggling financially. >> she has been without a job for a long time. >> reporter: but thursday, cindy canceled a planned job interview. >> i keep thinking this is a dream. i wake up, you know, it's hard to even imagine.
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>> reporter: lottery officials won't confirm hill hit the jackpot. but in a tight-knit town of just 496, and with $500 million jackpot at stake, word travels fast. >> well, i hope we all stay very grounded, stay humble, and don't forget who we are. >> reporter: overnight at the hillshire brands factory in nearby st. joseph, security was tight. abc news learned hill works the second shift here in the hot dog and deli packaging department. it's not clear if he showed up thursday night. meantime, family members tell abc news, there's another clue. hill is a fan of the kansas city royals. the winning lotto numbers turn out to be the same as that team's hall of fame players. stars like george brett, and willie wilson, along with former player, bo jackson. we did try to contact hill overnight. but our calls were not returned. but all this speculation could soon be over. officials will be revealing who holds that winning powerball ticket in the next few hours.
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george? >> okay, alex. thanks. love that secret code. halfway across the country, another big winner. >> we have new clues developing right now about the second powerball winner. this may be him, caught on surveillance, learning he's just won -- look at that. come on. abc's david kerley has the latest on this mystery man. david? >> reporter: it's amazing, amy. how often do we get to see someone who's potentially won $200 million -- $275 million. but that's exactly what may have happened here. at least that's the way it appears right now. can fairy tales come true? it seems like this anonymous man's happily ever after may have started at this exxon station. watch these cameras capture him as he leasurely walks into the station. he's dressed in a bright yellow outfit, surrounded by what looks to be a crew, all highway workers. and look here as he reaches deep into a pocket and fishes out what appears to be lottery tickets. suddenly, he begins pumping his
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arms. >> the man came in here, he walked over there, i heard him say he won. >> reporter: excitedly, he asked the cashier, check the ticket for him. >> wanted everybody to look and check to see he wasn't seeing things. and he wasn't seeing things. it was the right numbers. >> reporter: he shows the ticket to another customer. >> he says, is this the right numbers? i looked at them and said, yeah. that's the numbers. man, you got them all. >> reporter: three people confirmed to our abc station, wjla, that the ticket he showed them was from arizona. and it did contain the winning numbers. >> it was an arizona ticket with the winning numbers on it. >> reporter: no one could tell us the man's name. but they claim he does live locally in maryland. >> it's amazing. it's amazing. absolutely amazing. i couldn't believe it. >> reporter: our last glimpse of this possible megamillion winner in waiting, driving away from the gas station after filling up his tank. if he is the big winner, that may be the last time he ever pumps his own gas. he forgot he needed to come in here to get gas. he had to come back in here and get gas. cameron is the guy that looked at the ticket. he saw all the numbers. they did not put it in the machine because it's from
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arizona. you can't read another state's ticket here in maryland. now, if that is the winning ticket, the winner has 180 days to get back to arizona and claim that big prize. amy and george? >> david, thanks so much. what a great reaction here. and we're hearing that he may be a member of the military. and that's why he was in arizona and is now back in maryland. >> i love how he was showing everybody. i think i would have run right out the door. >> you'd be like, oh, my gosh. you would feel like you have a bulls's eye on your back at that point. that was so great. i love seeing that. >> two, great stories. two, great stories. terrific there. how about some news, guys? we're going to begin, here, with the economy. new evidence that money is, indeed, rolling in, for corporate america. figures out this morning show that corporate profits have just hit an all-time high, even when adjusted for inflation. they're on pace to reach a 1.75 trillion, with a "t" dollars this year. of course, not everyone sharing in that wealth. hostess, the company that makes twinkies, among other products, is shutting down and eliminating
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some 18,000 jobs in the process. however, we have just learned that unlike the rank and file, the company's executives are about to score a major payday. reena ninan is here to explain why. good morning, reena. >> reporter: josh, good morning to you. a federal bankruptcy judge has approved nearly $2 million in bonuses for the executives of hostess brand, the maker of twinkies and ho-ho. on the same day, approving the firing of 18,000 workers. the company told them thursday, they are so cash-strapped, they won't be able to pay retirement benefits for some former employees. in a statement overnight, hostess said those millions of dollars in bonuses are designed to keep top brass from leaving before winding down what's left of the company. but some angered employees say that's exactly what's wrong with corporate america. josh? >> you figure we have not heard the last of that. thank you, reena. here in new york, fast food workers across the city, walked off the job, thursday, demanding better pay and the opportunity to unionize. many of them work some $7 an hour.
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they are demanding $15 per hour. and another worker strike has cargo now piling up at the nation's busiest sea port this morning. union workers at the los angeles and long beach terminals, which handle some 40% of all u.s. imports, have walked off the job, protesting the outsourcing of jobs. negotiations are set to resume today. and in a diplomatic defeat for the u.s. and israel, the united nations has voted overwhelmingly to recognize palestine as a nonmember observer state. although it will not have a vote at the u.n. table, palestine celebrating its upgraded status. you can see here. it could allow palestinians to gain access to the international criminal court. and so, seek war crimes charges against israel. u.s. officials call the u.n.'s recognition a new obstacle to peace. and at this hour, much of syria is now cut off from the outside world, as the bloody civil war there intensifies. internet service has been down
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for more than 24 hours. no planes are flying into or out of the capital, damascus. cell phone service also down. government and rebel forces blame each other for the outages. finally, turns out even michael jordan can't break all the rules. a miami country club, at least attempted to show the six-time nba champion the door, banning him because he dared to wear cargo shorts that had many pockets on them, violating a bermuda short only dress code. jordan was on the 12th hole when he was asked to change. when he refused, he was asked to leave and never return. but he is michael jordan. so he decided to play out the 18 before he left. >> who knew cargo shorts were controversial? >> pockets. pockets. >> too many pockets, i guess. now, the stalemate in washington over the fiscal cliff. everyone's taxes are set to go up in just over a month if congress and the white house fail to reach a deal. and the talks blew up yesterday,
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after republicans dismissed the latest offer from secretary tim geithner. just listen to house speaker john boehner and senate majority leader, harry reid. >> listen this is not a game. jobs are on the line. the american economy is on the line. and this is a moment for adult leadership. >> i don't understand his brain. so, you should ask him. okay? >> tough words there. abc's jon karl is covering this all from capitol hill. jon, as we said, senate republican leader mitch mcconnell says he laughed out loud at geithner's offer. break down the offer from the white house and the republican objections. >> reporter: not only did he laugh out loud, the speaker saying it's unrealistic. the key is $1.6 trillion in tax increases over the next ten years. $50 billion in additional stimulus spending. $400 billion in medicare cuts. but unspecified over the next ten years. and effectively ending congress' ability to vote on the debt limit. an unlimited ability to borrow more money.
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republicans may agree to more taxes. but not that much more. and they certainly aren't going to agree to more spending. and they're going to demand real spending cuts. this wouldn't get a single republican vote in congress. >> and they seemed to indicate yesterday, jon, as you point out, that the sides are actually growing farther apart over the last week or ten days, instead of getting together. could we go over that cliff and have everyone's taxes go up on january 1st? >> reporter: i think there's a good chance that, exactly, could happen. you don't need to be a genius where a deal would be. republicans have to agree to some tax increases. and democrats have to agree to some spending cuts. right now, the two sides are far apart. >> 32 days to go. all right, jon karl, thanks very much. sunday on "this week," i'll be putting the questions to secretary geithner. plus plenty of debate with our powerhouse roundtable. >> looking forward to that, george. now, to the medical headline we told you about. glass particles found in bottles of generic lipitor. a big plant had to shut down. and the fda is monitoring a major recall of a drug that millions of people depend on each and every day. jim avila has the very latest.
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jim, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, amy. the company that produces one of every three of the generic lipitor pills, ranbaxy, has agreed to stop producing it, because the company could not explain why some of its capsules are laced with little pieces of glass. overnight, the fda said ranbaxy, the company responsible for making all of those allegedly tainted pills, agreed to stop manufacturing the generic version of lipitor. >> i think the message is the company has real difficulties with quality control. >> reporter: the fda saying in a statement, the company would stop production, until it has thoroughly investigated the cause of the glass particulates and remedied the problem. meantime, the government says that while this is a popular drug, there are other manufacturers and it does not expect an immediate shortage. ranbaxy first issued recalls on november 9th because of glass contamination. according to the government and
7:13 am
doctors, it actually sounds worse than it is medically. >> this is not truly a threat to people's health. eating a pill that contains numerous particles of glass a millimeter in size or less, is akin to eating a pill with small bits of sand in it. >> reporter: still, experts say the glass could cause minor irritation of the digestive system. the nongeneric, brand name lipitor, which many insurance companies won't pay for, costs an average of a little more than $1 extra per pill. before generic versions were allowed to be made last year, lipitor sold $600 million worth a year. so far, the fda has not received complaints about sickness from users. the concerns are about quality control at the factory. we reached out to ranbaxy but did not get a response. george? >> okay, jim, thanks. the disturbing headline from authorities. a big warning for parents this holiday season. be very careful about the toys you buy for your kids. abc's pierre thomas has the story. >> reporter: this might look
7:14 am
like fun, u.s. customs officers blowing bubbles with these colorful toys. but the work is deadly serious and might save your child's life. thursday, authorities were testing this toy car in a new jersey warehouse right out of the box for lead contamination. >> it says fail. it shows there's an excessively high content of lead in these rubber tires. that's something children could ingest. and that would be harmful to their development. >> reporter: this year, customs officials and the consumer product safety commission, have blocked record amounts of overseas shipments bound for toy stores near you, seizing more than 2 million toys and children's products. >> parents, grandparents, families, please be vigilant and think safety when you shop. >> reporter: dolls and action figures, toy guns and cars. the prime gifts that should bring holiday cheer are often the most dangerous items. some have electrical or choking hazards. some, sharp edges.
7:15 am
lead contamination is a growing concern. in some cases, the lead levels are 1,000 times higher than u.s. federal standards allow. >> there are toys that get through customs that end up on toy shelves. but we also send people in to do retail sweeps. >> reporter: what can you do to protect your child? examine the toy closely for possible choking and electrical hazards. and red flags -- pricey-looking toys that seem way too cheap. if a deal seems too good to be true, george, it probably is. and there may be something wrong with that toy. >> good advice, pierre. thank you very much. >> all right, george. shifting gears here. now to the bizarre and frustrating search for one of the fbi's most wanted. he's eluded capture because of his average looks. he's able to blend in just about anywhere, making him almost impossible to catch. this morning, his life on the run may finally be over. abbie boudreau has the story. >> reporter: this morning, jason brown is presumably still on the run, eight years to the day.
7:16 am
police say he brazenly robbed an armored truck and killed the guard. >> this is just a cold-blooded ambush. >> reporter: brown is one of the fbi's ten most-wanted fugitives. but while he may not been a household name, out of everyone on this list that includes a prison escapee, the fbi gets the most tips about him. because they say, he's just so average. >> when you have someone that is very -- has common features, people will walk by someone, or they'll go into a coffee shop. and they go, that looks like that guy that was on "america's most-wanted." >> reporter: just look at him. in these new age progression photos, the now 43-year-old could pass for the guy next door. average height. average weight. even his name, jason brown, is just, well, normal. >> if you keep your profile low enough, you can just sort of move through life and apparently mr. brown has been very successful at that. >> reporter: brown seems to bear a remarkable resemblance to the
7:17 am
not-so-average actor, sean penn. in fact, investigators say tips have led them to penn's movie body-double twice. but this morning, the fbi says it now has a promising new lead, saying it's possible brown, a former mormon missionary, could be hiding in utah. then again, they say, jason brown could be anywhere. for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> fascinating. >> sure is. time, now, for the weather and sam champion. and that series of storms pounding the west coast, sam. >> three back-to-back storms, started on wednesday. by the time we get to sunday, some places will have had 20 inches of rain. early this morning, an inch of rain per hour in the bay area, 50-mile-per-hour winds. that's the kind of thing that happens each time one of these lows move through. look at what will happen in the next, well -- all the way through sunday. eight to ten inches of rain. and once you get elevation in here, the highest amount of rain will be right in that target zone, just east of redding. by the way, do you live where you can be hit by a hurricane? take a look at this. noaa put out this new tape that
7:18 am
looks at every one of the storms that moved through the 19 storms. the third-busiest hurricane season on record that we just went through. and there's sandy running up the eastern seaboard. if you want to see all of them, we loaded them on my facebook page. but take a look at this. only 2005, 1933, more storms than 19 named storms this season. and the good news is, hurricane season is officially over today. now, it doesn't mean we can't have late-season storms. but officially, we can give a half sigh of relief until we see what the atlantic has in store for us. 58 degrees in atlanta. 77 in orlando. 72 in dallas. and of course, all of that rain on the west coast, we'll be talking about it all morning long.
7:19 am
>> temperatures in the teens in montreal. could lead to snow in new england. we'll talk about that in a moment. now back to the desk. >> thanks, sam. coming up, the bizarre twist in the lottery murder trial. the defendant on the verge of getting kicked out of the
7:20 am
courtroom. the judge accuses her of trying to communicate with the jury by code. and new trouble for lindsay lohan this morning. charged, now, with lying to police. is the star headed back behind bars? and this fight is only going in -- [ bell dings ] -- one direction. >> oh, boy. >> the biggest boy bands on the planet. is there a feud right now? there's a war of words, whatever misspelled. >> we don't want anyone to end up wanted. this photo so famous. we're going to talk to that cop. incredible story, coming up. cop. incredible story, coming up. one day george got an important letter... he's built a rocket ship to travel into space. it's just the right size for a clever monkey. do you want to go into space, george? you will have to be very brave. hi, grandma! oh hi,. my little monkey! here.
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good morning i'm eric thomas. live look at our camera you see the rain and wind blowing fiercely up there, bay area pounded by the second of three major storms that has caused traffic accidents, knocked down trees and left thousands without power. mike is tracking the storm. everybody getting wet weather this morning. you can see yellows and they are from the north bay, bay into the south bay, east bay, coast, everybody getting light to moderate rain sometimes heavy at times when you are getting ponding on the roads and most dangerous conditions. strongest storm this morning, on and off showers through saturday, stormy sunday morning flooding likely again and power outages, rainfall
7:25 am
amounts 10 to 12 inches in the mountains, two to six inches around the bay. >> sue is following the impact of this
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good morning. very busy out there "sig alert" eastbound 580 at altamont pass east greenville big rig accident, westbound slow, bad morning for highway 84 closed to power outage
7:28 am
woodside slow around the bay with m
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♪ only you saw what i can see in one corner, one direction. in the other, the wanted. they have a twitter war going on right now. will it break out into a real fight right here in new york city? these guys all think it's the sharks versus is jets again.
7:30 am
>> yes. >> whoo! >> boy, boy, crazy, boy. >> all right. on a much more serious note, yes, let's turn down the levity. we're going to tell you the very latest. this is a murder trial. the defendant on the verge of getting kicked out of the courtroom. the judge accusing her of trying to communicate with the jury. right now, we'll have the very latest. and new details about lindsay lohan's arrest. we're going to hear what the husband of the alleged victim has to say. new charges, perhaps, for the star. lying to police, included. is the star headed back behind bars? and the story bee hind the heart warming photo that went viral over the last few hours. a new york cop's personal gift to a homeless man here in times square. we're going to talk, live, to officer larry deprimo. incredible story. >> cannot wait for that. let's get to the florida lottery murder trial. as amy said, the judge lashed out at defendant dee dee moore, for trying to send some sort of secret code to the jury. he called it her final warning. abc's linsey davis has more on that.
7:31 am
>> reporter: dee dee moore is on the verge of getting kicked out of her own murder trial. >> ms. moore, i have cautioned you throughout these proceedings. >> reporter: in court thursday, it seemed that the judge had had enough. issuing the 40-year-old a final warning. accusing moore of using face expression to communicate with jurors. >> think i'm going to warn you for the last time. >> reporter: for a third day, jurors also saw moore crying again in court. this time, as prosecutors played this audiotape of her, allegedly asking a friend to lie to the police. moore is on trial for killing this man, abraham shakespeare, and then, covering it up. prosecutors say she befriended him after he won millions in a state lottery. they say after he burned through most of the cash, moore agreed to manage what he had left. instead, they say, she stole his money and then killed him. on thursday, shakespeare's mother told jurors moore even tried to hide the fact her son was missing. >> he supposedly had gone to california.
7:32 am
they said, he had aids. >> reporter: but prosecutors contend shakespeare did not have aids. instead, they say, moore had already shot him twice in the chest and buried him in her backyard. to keep her lie going, investigators say moore even orchestrated a call to shakespeare's mother from someone pretending to be her son. >> he said, it's abraham. and i said, well, you don't sound like abraham. >> reporter: the court also heard an hour-long police interrogation tape. >> that was not how -- >> reporter: investigators can be seen grilling moore on her convoluted plan to manage shakespeare's money. >> why does the hillsborough county property appraiser have you listed as the owner? >> reporter: this morning, moore continues to maintain her innocence. saying she was only trying to help shakespeare pay unclaimed debts. and protect him from the many people trying to take advantage of him. linsey davis, abc news, new york. now, to the latest trouble for star lindsay lohan.
7:33 am
she was arrested early thursday morning here in new york. and she may be facing new charges in california. abc's paula faris has the latest. >> reporter: it's a new low for lilo, arrested again. seen here leaving manhattan police station early thursday, after the troubled actress was detained for allegedly punching this woman in the face. >> lindsay, did you hit her with a left or a right? >> reporter: police say it happened at new york's avenue nightclub around 4:00 a.m., where the victim's husband says the actress was drinking. >> she got drunk and she got crazy. >> reporter: lohan is charged with third-degree assault. tmz video shows the troubled star being led out of the club in handcuffs. >> oh, my god! >> reporter: and this morning, lohan's legal troubles are mounting. just hours after being released in new york, prosecutors in california announced the troubled star's also being charged with lying to police and reckless driving, after this car crash in june. lohan, who was already on probation for shoplifting in
7:34 am
2011 lrks now,, will now, almost certainly, go back to jail. >> clearly there's a problem here. she's a magnet for trouble. for she's crying out for help. >> is that me? is that me? >> reporter: lohan recently portrayed another controversial celebrity, elizabeth taylor in lifetime's "liz & dick." something she talked about with amy on "gma." >> liz taylor's life was out of control at times, and to be honest, so has yours. >> everything happens for a reason, good or bad. you can take what you have learned from it. >> reporter: overnight, lohan's new york attorney released a statement saying, the victim is someone trying to capture their 15 minutes of fame. and that the star will be totally exonerated. but this morning, many in hollywood are wondering if attempts to clean up her act have flopped. for "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to paula faris, who i think has been working a little too hard. she's losing her voice.
7:35 am
we hope she feels better soon. let's get more from "gma" legal analyst, dan abrams. a lot to get to, i don't know where to start. let's start with her arrest in new york. we have some tmz video, where you see that arrest happen. she hasn't been formally charged. what happens now? >> the d.a.'s going to investigate. the d.a.'s going to look at the police report. they're going to determine whether they want to file formal charges in connection with this. if there is a charge, it would be a misdemeanor. they're going to want to talk to the alleged victim. they're going to want to talk to witnesses, et cetera. then they'll have to make a decision. >> it was a rough day. hours before this all happened, she was charged in california with reckless driving and misleading police. could that influence what happens here? >> that's a bigger deal. it's not going to influence this investigation. but it's a bigger deal because she's on probation in california, in connection with stealing a $2,500 necklace. probation means, if you do something else wrong, in this case, she's charged with three, new misdemeanors, she could be sent to jail as part of the sentence on the previous crime, being the stealing of the $2,500
7:36 am
necklace. if i'm lindsay lohan and her attorney, what happened in new new york is not insignificant, but i'm more concerned that she was just charged in california. >> she did a short jail stint in the past. what would she be looking at? >> it could be up to 200-something days. more than likely, something like 30 days. the point would be, the judge would be wanting to send a message. that's why there would be a jail sentence. >> other judges have tried to do it in the past. but it hasn't worked. >> but they have to do it for the judges themselves. they don't want to be seen as being soft on celebrities. >> thanks so much. time, now, for the weather and sam champion. sam? >> amy, we're going to show you pictures out of southern california, manhattan beach, by the way. this may surprise you. take a look at the surf. it's not normally this rough. and waves can be up to 20 feet in some cases. and all of the safety experts are saying, unless you are an experienced surfer, this could be very, very dangerous surf. here's what we're talking about. this is the second in a series of storms to make its way up the coastline.
7:37 am
and though the storms are kind of concentrated in northern california and points north, a lot of the roughest surf is just to the south, because of the way the wind is blowing on these storms. from san diego all the way to san francisco, there could be waves up to about 20 feet. and the water is really dangerous, really chopped up. best advised to stay out that of and know this will be a rough time period through the weekend. in comes what could be some snow from this arctic blast of air and this stationary front. new york state, new hampshire, vermont, on into possibly maine. >> all that weather was brought to you by bp. josh? amy? george? lara? >> am?
7:38 am
>> thank you, sam. coming up, the heartwarming photo that's gone globally viral. it's a police officer giving shoes to a homeless man. we're going to talk, live, to officer larry deprimo. there he is. >> mm-hmm. and the battle of the hottest boy bands on the planet. is this feud about to heat up two years ago, the people of bp made a commitment to the gulf. bp has paid over twenty-three billion dollars to help those affected and to cover cleanup costs. today, the beaches and gulf are open, and many areas are reporting their best tourism seasons in years. and bp's also committed to america. we support nearly 250,000 jobs and invest more here than anywhere else. we're working to fuel america for generations to come. our commitment has never been stronger. and eddy said the toys might not be ready! eddy? the elf! ♪ [ radio announcer ] today's forecast: it's snowing snowballs and snow bricks out there... seven more days and it's snowing snow bricks!
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14 oh, yeah. back, now, at 7:42, with the biggest battle since the jets and the sharks went head-to-head here in new york. the two most popular boy bands on the planet, threatening to take their war of words to the streets. and abc's dan harris is here, playing it cool. >> reporter: that's right, lara. i always do that. who doesn't like a big celebrity feud? biggie versus tupac, nicki minaj versus mariah carry. this one is slightly less menacing. and by slightly less menacing, i
7:43 am
say not menacing at all. here are the combatants, one direction. known for running on the beach with complicated hair cuts in the video for "what makes you beautiful." and the wanted, known for riding around on bumper cars in the "lose my mind" video. ♪ i'm going to lose my mind >> reporter: these two mega british boy bands are in a beef. >> it's hard to tell right now how serious it really is. >> reporter: it started when zayne, from one direction, accused max from the wanted, of being a geek on twitter. >> zayn is known as the bad boy of one direction. >> reporter: max wrote back, that's not very nice. from there, the witty repertoire went into the use of emoticons and name-calling. then, max put down the gauntlet. daring zayn to throw down his
7:44 am
problems in new york city, without security. never wanting to back down, zayn wrote, see you in new york, big man, ha, you clown. max went public with this interview with radio station 955. >> come an see me in new york. >> reporter: ooh. now, both bands are blocks away from each other at new york hotels. with their respective fans, staked out. >> zayn crossed the line. that was so disrespectful. >> reporter: all of this trash-talking conjures images of a jets versus sharks "west side story" showdown. and this could come to a head on december 7th, when one direction and the wanted are playing the same gig at madison square garden. no word if the nypd has raised the threat level for the city. i've investigated many difficult stories in my day. but this one got to me. >> and throw a little bieber in
7:45 am
the mix. >> lara, whatever you do, don't do that. >> dan, we thank you. >> my pleasure. >> keep us posted on this one. >> i will. coming up, the couple who fell in love online. you will never believe what happened when they met for the first time and cameras were rolling. and it's really just a potpourri. it's a tri-for today. stop it. freeze it. >> say freeze it, not stop it. freeze ifit 'em dget. well, with the walmart credit card special financing offer, you can get the sony blu-ray home theater system with wi-fi and the high zoom cyber-shot camera with full hd. look at you, spreading some christmas joy! my cart's kinda full. mind holding these? sure. you know what, muscle man, me and you together, we can knock this christmas thing out. this way, sweetie. [ male announcer ] get the season's hottest brands like the sony cyber-shot camera. make an electronics purchase of $299 or more on your walmart credit card and get no interest if paid in full within 12 months. america's gift headquarters. walmart. if paid in full within 12 months. we're spreading the word about honey bunches of oats
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7:49 am
here's "the play of the day." >> really "plays of the day" because it's friday, we're tired. we couldn't choose. it's a no-choice tri-fer on friday. first of all, the snowy mountains of switzerland. there's a guy riding shotgun. >> oh. >> on that jump. and look. no, no. wait for it. yes. >> no way. >> sticks the landing.
7:50 am
>> no way. >> nobody, try that at home. especially if you -- if you don't have any snow. it was good. i didn't think that would resonate. all right. also, some parallel parking. this one's for you, sam. remember the person who couldn't parallel park? this person can. 16 inches of cushion. real. completely real. >> these are good today. >> how many tries did that take? >> one try. i don't know how many cars. >> wow. >> nicely done. >> so, this is denise -- denise walks into my office this morning and says, you have to see this last video. she's never seen, it turns out, a dog eating peanut butter. >> what? >> oh. >> aw. >> guilty. i have done this. i feel bad. i feel terrible about this. but i've done it. >> here's the problem -- here's the problem, that dog right now is still licking that peanut buttfo. just got 5% off
7:51 am
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7:54 am
♪ ♪
7:55 am
good morning i'm kristen sze. the bay area is being pounded by the second of three storms.
7:56 am
flash flood warning in petaluma continues until 9:15. meteorologist mike nicco has been tracking the storm. willowbrook creek overflowing around palm that's why the flash flood warning is in effect more rain rolling through this area, rain everywhere this morning light to moderate now we'll continue to have light to moderate showers through saturday. standing water and high winds still a problem. we have the power back at the bay bridge, metering lights functioning after they were out most of the morning. eastbound 580 past greenville big rig accident still blocking lanes with "sig alert" lots of standing water 121 closed in the sonoma area arnold and broadway, due to flooding. >> stay
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
[ cheers and applause ] look at that crowd out in times square. put the camera on the kid that ran in and stole a seat behind the turntable. that's 8-year-old d.j. kai.
8:00 am
he's going to be spinning the tunes all morning long on this deejay friday. i know someone at home now who is laughing right now. that's robin roberts. amy robach here. >> he'll be back to auto tune in about a month. coming up ahead, the haircut that is making headlines. kate middleton's new do. and we have two volunteers from our "gma" family here showing you how to get it. >> i'm supposed to say, amy, you and i tried kate's new cut. there you go. there's amy. and i guess i'm coming up next? go ahead. oh. hi. >> "charlie's angels." >> there you go. >> both are healthy looking. >> thank you. britney spears also has a new song, everybody. she's looking better than ever. the brand-new music video, looking great. how does she stay so fit?
8:01 am
we have her secrets to staying in shape. and a couple who clicked online. you're never going to believe what happened when they met face-to-face for the first time, with the cameras rolling. i'm told this is not as sweet as it might have been. we're going to talk to the men behind the new show making the hookups happen. there they are. >> a big surprise. >> yeah. >> you don't know who you're talking to online. >> we're often caught saying you won't believe it when you see it. but you won't believe it when you see it. and wait until you see what's inside these boxes, ladies and gentlemen. we got an exclusive sneak peek, get this, of the hottest holiday collaboration. you couldn't even imagine this happening. a combination of neiman marcus and target teaming up. we covet these things. and i can't wait to show you. >> we saw them all firsthand. they're gorgeous. >> see it here, first. the complete unveiling here. first, let's get some news from josh. >> we're going to begin with america's two, newest multi,
8:02 am
multi, multi, multimillionaires. coming into focus this morning. first, mark hill, a missouri factory worker, posting on facebook that he bought the winning powerball ticket sold at trex mart, just outside of dearborn. an official announcement will come later today. the other winning ticket, could be the fellow gesticulating wonderfully and wildly, on this video. after he checked the numbers on the ticket, many, many times. a ticket he brought when he was in arizona. he's now in parts unknown. and thinking about, i'm sure, what to do. and we will have the very latest there. also, the supreme court could soon be taking up another hot-button issue. the justices are meeting today to decide whether to hear any of the ten cases before them involving same-sex marriage. among them, california's proposition 8, which outlaws gay marriage in the state. a decision could be announced by this afternoon.
8:03 am
and it looks like those talks in washington to avoid that so-called fiscal cliff, looming at year's end, will go down to the wire after all. senate republican leader mitch mcconnell says that he laughed out loud thursday when he saw president obama's latest plan to avoid a middle-class tax increase. republicans are demanding more spending cuts. and just as millions of americans shop online, rely on their gifts to be shipped by the holidays, the biggest seaports in the country are at a virtual standstill. union workers at the los angeles and long beach terminals are on strike. protesting outsourcing of jobs. 40% of all u.s. imports come through those terminals. negotiations are set to resume today. very unusual scene just south of there, in san diego. an out-of-control truck slammed into a fire hydrant, sending water shooting cinematically 30 feet into the air. like a geyser. the truck actually plowed into a bar, leaving a gaping 11-foot
8:04 am
hole in the wall. thankfully, no one was hurt. now, here's diane sawyer, with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? >> josh, great to talk to you on this friday. happy weekend to everyone on "gma." and coming up on "world news," please meet this young woman. i think you'll never forget her. an amazing story that teaches every one of us about how you open the door to a big, brave life. and she's our "person of the week" tonight. >> cannot wait to meet her, diane. finally, we'll call him a secret santa in sandyland. a wealthy businessman from missouri, visiting staten island, elizabeth, new jersey, some of the hardest-hit areas in the aftermath of sandy, handing out $100 bills to survivors of the storm. deserved hugs and kisses. but the man who keeps his identity secret says it's not about the money. it's about inspiring random acts of kindness in holiday season in that area. there's nothing better. we thank you, santa, whoever you might be. >> and he said, i hope i can
8:05 am
give all my money away before i die. isn't that a great way to live? can't take it with you. >> they deserve it. >> that's a great way to finish it. now, we begin "pop news" this friday edition. good morning to you all. sam, you'll probably agree with a new unscientific survey out of "travel + leisure" magazine, which has voted miami as having the best-looking people in america. >> i agree. >> i had a feeling you might. number two, for the hottest residents, san diego, and rounding out the top five, san juan, charleston, south carolina, and los angeles. couple other lists. nashville was named the nicest city in america. and new york, the most stylish. >> i like that. that sounds good. another list out this morning, the annual list of the most popular baby names. and this year welcomes a lot of
8:06 am
little sophias, emmas and olivias. and for boys, the most popular names are sam, josh and george. it's aidan, jackson and ethan. and what do you know? "fifty shades of grey," has influenced baby names. the book reportedly sparked a baby boom last year. now, parents are paying tribute on the list of the fastest-rising names. ana, anastasia, and grey. i'm just saying, when those kids put it all together, the parents will have a lot of explaining to do. also in "pop news," update on the supermodel last week that was taking china by storm. since this 72-year-old grandfather started modeling his granddaughter's light, visits to her website has quadrupled. the good-looking grandad is now china's most recognized model. he has turned down multiple offers to strut his stuff for other fashion houses. his granddaughter says, nope. he is officially the face of her business. and finally, in "pop news" we're in the spirit of the season here at "gma."
8:07 am
looks like they're feeling the holiday spirit in japan, as well. dressing up these adorable penguins in christmas-themed outfits for the holidays. >> aren't they cute enough? >> little fellas. this is at an aquarium south of tokyo, where they have a diver. >> pretty good. >> it's like a baby christmas tree. and a diver dressed as the big guy, who swims with the dolphins. one way that we're all celebrating the holiday season. and time, now, everybody. get ready to make a guess. it's time for the pop quiz and what made meryl streep react like this? >> boy band twitter war? >> she won the lottery? >> she won the lottery is a good guess. a boy band twitter war could be it. that one's going to the streets, though, josh. we have the answer for you after weather. >> it's not multiple choice on this one? >> i want to hear creativity on friday.
8:08 am
>> sam, any clues? >> i couldn't hear you, the crowd is so loud out here. take a look. [ cheers and applause ] take a look at this crowd. you guys amaze me. and i love, particularly fridays, out here on times square. if you don't start your weekend with us, it's not as fun a weekend. look at what's going on on this side. and of course, the handy, hand-holding sign, that also works as a number. the 50 club. but i love how you can carry your sign with a little -- tell me your name. >> tina. >> where are you guys from? >> hickory, north carolina. >> i love it. that's so clever that you can carry the sign. let's look at what's going on this morning. we'll start with a look at washington, d.c. there's a chill in the air. you may feel it up into times square, to the great lakes. but watch the warmer air move east over the weekend. and soothe yourself knowing, by the time we get to sunday and monday, the numbers start to come up. look at chicago.
8:09 am
60 degrees by sunday. new york city may take a little longer. maybe sunday into monday, before we get to the 60-degree mark. but we're on our way. that west coast storm continues to pound anywhere from san francisco north with the heavy rain. but l.a. will get strong showers and strong, gusty winds, and the rough surf along the coastline. it's a rough time on the west coast fo >> we are taking this camera up high and showing you,
8:10 am
this is not just a little crowd in times square. this is the place to be on your friday. and we've got it jam-packed with folks. let's go back inside to lara. >> sam, thank you so much. here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." brittany's new look in her brand-new music video. her secrets to staying in shape. she looks great. and couples that click. but what happens when they meet for the very first time? we will explain. it is shocking. and how you can get kate's new hair style. we have two members of our "gma" family getting the royal treatment right now. it's all coming up live on "good morning america," here in times square. introducing nook hd - the world's best 7" tablet made for reading and entertainment. your favorite magazines and catalogs look better than ever. and with scrapbooking, you can save the things you love,
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♪ [ engine revs ] ♪ [ male announcer ] oh what fun it is to ride. get the mercedes-benz on your wish list at the winter event going on now -- but hurry, the offer ends soon. [ santa ] ho, ho, ho! [ male announcer ] lease a 2013 e350 for $579 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. [ cheers and applause ] 8:16 on this fabulous friday in times square. great crowd outside. and inside, we now answer our pop quiz. we asked, what made meryl streep react like this?
8:16 am
>> i know. i have a guess. >> what made meryl streep react like this? >> roll it. let's see it. >> is that the answer? >> that is not the answer. >> wow. >> that is -- well, that's what happens when illusionist david blaine comes to your table, picks up a wine glass and eats it. >> what? >> he reportedly snacked on shards right in front of meryl streep. it's a magic trick, though. >> that would be -- yes. >> it might have been the pug. >> it should have been the pug. inside, it was. >> that's our pop quiz. >> thank you, lara. >> you're welcome, george. we're going to turn, now, to britney spears. she's out with a new music video, with looking fiercely fit. so, what is her secret to staying in shape? abbie boudreau has the story. >> reporter: all eyes are on britney spears' body of work and her new music video with ♪ i want to scream and shout and let it all out ♪ >> reporter: she's toned. performing her tune, "scream and
8:17 am
shout," which premiered this week on "the x factor." how does the 30-year-old mom stay in shape? it helps that britney is a fitness fanatic. once known for 1,000 crunches a way. >> britney actually works out every day. 30 minutes at least of cardio, running. and she says she feels on top of the world after she's done it. ♪ up in the club ♪ all eyes on us >> reporter: it could be a rush, not unlike caramel chocolate, which britney admitted is one of her guilty pleasures. she's eliminated sugar from her diet. favoring chicken, salmon, rice and avocados. >> britney and her fiance, jason, they workout together. they go on walks together. britney has two sons. she's very busy with that. she has a lot on her plate. but she's most definitely dedicated to her fitness. >> reporter: last year, she told "stylist" magazine, working out can be a challenge. but a worthwhile one. sometimes it's hard to be motivated, she said. but once you get up and do it, you feel like you conquered the
8:18 am
world. >> i think britney looks incredible in this video. she is obviously on top of her fitness game and very dedicated to it because she looks just amazing. >> reporter: but there are always temptations. can britney resist birthday cake this sunday, when she turns 31? for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> abbie, thanks. now, we turn to the big question for so many people looking for love online. do you really know who you're falling in love with on the other side of that screen? and what happens when the person isn't who they say they are? a new mtv reality show called "catfish," the tv show, is documenting the surprising first encounters. take a look. millions of people start relationships online. but love in cyberspace isn't always as it seems. >> hi, i'm nev. a couple years ago, i fell in love online. i thought i fell in love with megan. but megan was really angela. i was heartbroken.
8:19 am
>> reporter: so many people, like nev, have fallen in love with a catfish. that means someone online who's really pretending to be someone else. he's made a wildly popular documentary about it. and now, has a new tv show. >> i'm hitting the road to help people meet their online loves for the first time. >> reporter: like sunny. she's been in an online relationship with jamison for eight months. but they've never met. so, nev pays sunny a visit. tell me about your connection with jamison. >> we have a very emotional connection. you can't help what the heart wants. it just does. he is just sexy. i don't know why. >> yeah. got this, like, chill jaw. >> reporter: as he finds out more about jamison, things seem a little fishy. >> he's going to be an anesthesiologist. he does online classes. >> he takes classes online to be an anesthesiologist? >> yeah. he's so smart. he's one of the writers for "chelsea lately." and he writes, like, you know, the cue cards.
8:20 am
>> reporter: after a little more sleuthing, nev and max find out things are not adding up. >> i'm looking for a reference. jamison king? >> do not know that person. >> reporter: nev decides to give jamison a call. >> hello? >> hey, jamison. >> reporter: he convinces him it's time to end sunny's misery and meet face-to-face. >> this is a life-changing road trip. >> reporter: but nothing repairs her for what she's about to see. >> we're looking for jamison. >> hello. >> is he here? >> it's me. >> what? >> so, you've been pretending to be this guy? how long now? >> at least four years. >> reporter: sunny has now moved on. she's in a relationship. and even got to meet the real jamison. >> he's as gorgeous as he was on his picture. >> oh, my. it is just shocking.
8:21 am
and we have, now, the duo behind "catfish," the tv show. nev schulman and max joseph. we welcome you guys. i want to talk about sunny. who is the new boyfriend? did she meet him online? >> no. sunny does have a new boyfriend. but he's very much a real guy that she met, i think, locally in her hometown. >> i'm sure she really got a shock and perhaps learned her lesson. tell me about the person, the woman, playing the guy, jamison. she said she'd been doing it for four years. how many other people do you think she has duped? >> there's been a number of people that are in her network over the years. a lot of other girls, starting girls in high school. and then, just other people who randomly added her as a friend on facebook. she kept it going and going. >> did she explain why to you? did you get behind the psychologist of it? >> yeah, she did. chelsea had a bad experience early on in high school. she was getting bullied. there was a girl in her class that said some things that hurt her feelings. and in an effort to get back at
8:22 am
that girl, she thought, i'll make a profile for a really handsome guy and i'll mess with her. >> wow. >> and then, it got kind of -- >> one thing turned into another. >> a sociopath. >> she liked the attention she was getting as this handsome guy. she ended up using it as a way to explore her sexuality. and ended up coming out to us on the show. >> she would be what we could call a catfish, a term i hadn't heard. i'm sure a lot of our viewers haven't. can you explain what it is and what to look for? >> it has a layered meaning. right now, what it means is a catfish is someone who is pretending to be someone that they're not, online, using fake identities, generally, to, you know, fall in love with someone or get someone to fall in love with them. but the term actually comes from the film. it comes from this kind of elaborate story about when they used to ship cod from alaska to china. and originally, when they were shipping the cod they would ship
8:23 am
them in these big vats. when the cod arrived in china, their skin would be kind of mushy and tasteless. so, someone had an idea to put catfish in to chase the cod around to keep them agile and keep them on their toes. so, when the cod arrived in china, they tasted better. >> nev, you were the victim of a catfish. you did this incredible documentary, that has so much buzz. how often does this happen? and what advice, having been there, do you have for our viewers? >> i think everybody's online, obviously, to some degree. we all use social networking. and we all kind of curate our online identities. and some people take it further and become the person they wish they could be in real life online. things to look out for, really, how much personal time and information you're willing to invest. >> before you meet these people. >> in a relationship with someone you've never met. or someone you have a mutual friend with or someone you can
8:24 am
skype with. you just have to be careful. >> you learned all too well. i want to thank both of you for being here and for explaining the term, catfish. you can see the show, "catfish," the tv show, airs mondays on mtv. really shocking. amy? kate's brand-new cut is making waves and headlines when she debuted bangs this week. women around the world are now asking for the kate. so, what's the secret to getting her glamorous, new look? in a few minutes we'll reveal what our two "gma" producers look like with it. but first, abc's lama hasan has the scoop. >> reporter: the duchess of cambridge is donning a new do. kate middleton debuted her luscious locks at the new treasures gallery of the natural history museum in london. she opted for a darker look and added bangs.
8:25 am
>> a side-swept bang works on many different face shapes. it works on many different eye shapes. and actually textures of hair. what's great about this particular cut is it really brought out her eyes. >> reporter: richard ward is the man behind the hair. in london, it's called the chelsea blow-dry. >> long hair, long layers. you need to look like it wasn't too much effort. >> reporter: richard and his salon partner, james price, says she likes to keep it simple. >> you have to remember, she's just a normal girl. >> reporter: a normal girl, who has become a fashion icon, watched and emulated by millions. for "good morning america," lama hasan, abc news, london. >> all right. and standing with me, now, is the hair stylist, chris from sally hershberger. all morning. he has been transforming our "gma" producers. they look so great. we're not going to show you what they look like. how do you think they look, chris? >> they look beautiful. wait until you see. >> this is a hair style i think will look good on just about anybody. we're going to have the big reveal in a few moments.
8:26 am
stay with us. it's a royal reveal. also ahead, target plus nieman equals the hottest collaboration of the season. we're revealing the entire collection here before it hits stores tomorrow. this is something you have to see to believe. be right back. good morning i'm kristen sze the bay area is bracing for more stormy weather. caltrans crews just finished cleaning up a mudslide. let's go to sue. thankfully, that mudslide
8:27 am
has been cleared and 84 has been tough all morning. once again, good news for niles canyon road many eastbound 580 accident at greenville cleared, tough drive westbound as well. accident southbound 280, bumper-to-bumper from belmont to sand hill road. how much longer for heavy
8:28 am
8:29 am
welcome back. flash flood warning continues for sonoma county, petaluma, willowbrook creek, strongest storm over glen allen, still heavy rain up and didn't the san ramon valley, scattered light to heavy rain across the south bay, we are going to have flooding through at least 11:00. >> stay with ♪ [ cheers and applause ] check him out. d.j. kai, rocking us out in times square this friday morning. want to kick off the weekend right.
8:30 am
every time i see d.j. kai, i start to laugh. >> he's got moves. look at him. he's adorable. coming up, we're going to be talking about animals. jack hanna is here. that's exciting news, as well. plus, we have the police officer behind a picture of a private act of kindness gone viral around the globe. larry deprimo joining us live. >> so fantastic. you mentioned jack hanna. can we take another look? you can't get enough of jack hanna or the cuddly -- fun fact. that leopard was loose in the "gma" office today. >> that's a fun fact. that's a fun fact. >> a tiny, tiny, little one. had it been a larger one, it would have been a different story. >> we have one teen on a quest to take a picture with as many different animals as possible. jack and friends are helping him add to the album. >> that's phenomenal. you should have him on "sea rescue." it's the hottest collaboration of the year.
8:31 am
we're introducing the neiman marcus and target collection here on "good morning america," first, before it hits stores tomorrow. we had a sneak peek. gorgeous. >> i wanted to run through there and grab armfuls of stuff. it's so stylish. and so affordable. by the way, how does kate's new do look on anyone? well, two members of our "gma" family, amy's going to show us what they look like with a new hairstyle. >> that's right. we have chris lospalluto, who has been working all morning long, to give sarah and taylor kate's royal hairstyle. we're going to look at kate's cut on sarah. looking at sarah, before she got the new kate. and we'll look at her after. so, that is sarah first. now, let's reveal the new sarah, ala kate. how do you feel? >> i love it. >> it's beautiful.
8:32 am
makes you look a little like kate. >> really. >> you do. chris, how easy was it to do this? >> she's so beautiful, we didn't have to do much. to get kate's look, it's all in the blow dry. we gave her a little bit of a long layer. gave her a nice, side-swept bang here. and a nice hot oil treatment to really bring out the shine. richness, enhance the brunette that she's already is. >> i love it. you look fantastic. have fun tonight. you look great. all right. let's move over to taylor, who we want to look at her before picture first and see what -- okay. nice, beautiful hair there. but for the real wow, she got the kate. let's spin her around. beautiful. i mean, you look just like a movie star. how do you feel? >> amy, i feel like a duchess. >> i love it. the royal treatment, indeed. do you think you could do this at home? >> oh, definitely. it's very, very easy. >> absolutely. >> very easy. >> chris, talk about what the cut is like. if you're asking for this, what do you say?
8:33 am
>> it's really important that you make sure that they cut really subtle layers. you can ask them start below the chin all the way to the end. if you're doing a bang, if you don't want to commit to a heavy bang, have them start just below your cheekbone, your shortest piece and have it gently layer around the face. >> who does it look good on? >> anybody. anybody. >> any age? >> they look beautiful. any age. long hair works best. but you can do it with shorter hair, as well. >> chris, you did a good job. ladies, you look beautiful. i want to head over to lara. >> yes, indeed, amy. gorgeous hair. to gorgeous gifts. we have a big reveal for you. we first gave you a look at some of the target/neiman marcus holiday collection a few weeks ago. now, the complete collection is making its big debut in stores tomorrow, just in time for the holidays. we have your exclusive, behind-the-scenes look, at some of the hottest items on the list, courtesy of abc's bianna golodryga. >> reporter: move over black friday.
8:34 am
tomorrow is bull's eye saturday, the launch of the most anticipated collaboration of the year. just for in time for the holidays, limited-edition items from the queens and kings of fashion. marc jacobs, tory burch, and diane von furstenberg and others will go for sale at target and neiman marcus stores and online. up for grabs, this derek lam state board for $99.99. these sweaters for $69.99. and these fun accessories from carolina herrera. herrera, who has dressed american royalty, designs wares that traditionally go for thousands of dollars. but this stylish stationery set, just $19.99. and check out this oscar de la renta handbag for $59.99. the master designer's accessories can go for 50-times that amount. this is just target's latest
8:35 am
dance with high-end designers. last year, the retail giant's collaboration with italian it designer, missoni, created so much buzz, the website crashed. that, promises target, won't happen this time. >> in all of our stores and our website, there will simply be more product. >> reporter: a preview of the sale took place yesterday at a manhattan pop-up shop. some shoppers waited for hours in freezing temperatures to peruse the wares. >> i want the marc jacobs clutches. and cookie cutters. >> we're doing our christmas shopping at target and neiman marcus this year. >> reporter: what's exciting about this collaboration, it allows designers to do something they're not accustomed to. design design designer stacey bendet is doing a bike. who knew? >> i said what about taking one of our prints and doing it on a bike? it's this crazy, floral fun. >> reporter: shoppers we spoke
8:36 am
with agreed. 'tis the season to delight in designer duds at discount prices. >> we love collaboration sales. >> reporter: for "good morning america," bianna golodryga, abc news, new york. >> gorgeous. we want to thank our friends at target for sending us all a little holiday cheer. these gifts were chosen with each of you in mind. so, go ahead and open them. and i'm going to tell everybody, these are some of the things you can buy in this incredible collaboration with neiman marcus. josh, a skateboard by derek lam, which i'm sure will get used. sam, you have an ipad case, by a very famous designer. amy, you have beautiful jason wu ornaments. and, george -- what is that? an eddie borgo letter opener. very elegant. and this is alex and olivia luggage. >> you got luggage. that's so weird. >> i did not pick these out. >> oh, look. lara got the biggest present. >> she got a really nice piece of luggage. and i got the roller --
8:37 am
skateboard. >> george got a weapon. >> george is armed. >> amy, i like your ornaments. >> thank you. they're going to look lovely on my tree. >> check it out. thank you so much to target. it's a wonderful collaboration. and also, the weather is cooperating today. >> we got a chance to roll through that night. it is a good weekend to travel. there's so many great things to see of this collaboration. you can get there by skateboard. i'd love to see it. would you like to -- do a 360? do a -- denise is like, twitter. twitter. twitter. all right. twitter and facebook pictures. we'll show you exactly what's going on in the country today. how do we know? because you send them in. fresh, hot, piping fresh every morning. here's what's going on on the west coast. this is the second of the three storm systems to move in. this one may have the most rain yet. take a look at the green zone. once you get a little elevation, that's really going to deliver some rain here. eight to ten inches of rain
8:38 am
through the weekend here. look at where the temperatures are the mildest. everybody will see warmer temperatures by the first of next week. there's the big board. a look at your weekend. nice in florida. >> i've never been able -- i've never been able to stick the move, josh. i'm not going to do it right here. george? all that weather was brought to you by mercedes-benz. i'm over here with the good samaritan of the season, officer larry deprimo. look at the pictures of what happened on the night of november 14th. he saw a man, homeless, with no shoes on a very cold night. he went inside and bought him brand-new boots. those pictures have rippled
8:39 am
across the world. and officer deprimo is here with us right now. this has gone everywhere. 500,000 likes on facebook. millions of views. you couldn't have imagined that that quiet act of kindness was going to be seen around the world. >> i really didn't. it was surprising to me. i was sitting at home, eating dinner with my family, when i first noticed -- a friend brought it to my attention. he said viral online. you look and there's thousands of comments and likes. it's a powerful thing. >> it happened right here on this corning, as i said, the night of november 14th. there's thousands of homeless people all across new york city every night. what was it about this man that moved you? >> basically, when i remember that night, it was extremely cold. to look down at this gentleman's feet and see he had no socks. when he told me he never had a pair of shoes, it was just -- my heart went out to him. >> and you went right inside skechers. >> i had to run ahead of him. i don't care what it costs. this gentleman needs a pair of shoes.
8:40 am
they were able to help me out. >> you went beyond that. a lot of people buy things for others in need. give money to charity. you actually knelt down and put the socks and shoes on his feet. that is the most humble and kind act. >> it was a great moment. i'm glad that jennifer was able to take the picture. i didn't know she was there. >> you had no idea, right? >> i had no clue anybody was there. the first thing i thought was, i'll be having this the rest of my career. but it was cold. i didn't want him doing it himself. so, i just knelt down. i didn't think anything of it. i just put the socks and the shoes on. >> you have set an amazing example for so many this holiday season. thank you. and thanks for coming in. >> appreciate it.
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
[ cheers and applause ] what a crowd out here in times square. we're back, now, with a truly inspiring story this friday morning. how far would you go to transform your body? in a new book "dwarf: a memoir," tiffanie didonato reveals the extraordinary lengths she went through to do just that. abc's juju chang has her story. >> reporter: as a military wife, tiffanie seems to personify the military's fighting philosophy, adapt and overcome. tiffanie had a rare form of dwarfism. her body was typical size. but her arms and legs would never fully grow. at age 8, she had her first surgery to gain length in her arms and four inches in her
8:44 am
legs. describe the post-surgical pain. >> it hurt so much, you freeze. it's almost as if you scream, it's going to hurt worse. >> reporter: her mother raised her to be a fierce fighter. so, at 15, tiffanie wanted to do the ghastly surgery again. and this time, ignore the four-inch maximum limit. >> it was all about independence. it was doing things on her own. brushing her own hair. my biggest fear was her being dependent on others for her care. >> reporter: tiffanie gained an unprecedented ten additional inches of height, putting her at 4'10", right on the cusp of little people status. if you wear heels, you're no longer a little person. >> right. >> reporter: what allowed tiffanie to gain 14 inches of height? which seems like an unbelievable number. >> there were many occasions when she and i talked about stopping the procedure. and accepting a compromise. six inches, eight inches or ten inches.
8:45 am
but she just wanted to keep going with this. so, it was tenacity and endurance. >> reporter: tiffanie's father, who still has mixed emotions on it, admits the surgeries may have taken a toll. >> i think she lost a little mobility with the extreme lengthening. but she feels good about herself. and that's the most important thing. >> reporter: tiffanie says she has no regrets. >> i don't feel i was being reckless. i was aware of the risks. oh, boy. it's just wonderful to know that i can take care of my son. it makes me feel like a mom. >> reporter: for "good morning america," juju chang, abc news, new york. >> i cannot wait to see more of tiffanie's story. and you can see juju's report tonight on "nightline." coming up, jack hanna is here with adorable animal friends. stay with us.
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
i do hope that d.j. kai is spinning some soothing tunes. we're back, now, with jack hanna, director emeritus at the columbus zoo, host of "jack hanna's wild countdown." and he's brought along some very active fellas, obviously. >> these are lions. these aren't people's pets. going back to africa about 1978, this animal has decreased 80% in the wild. 80%. the animal, like rabbits, is almost gone. >> how old? >> a little baby lion. >> almost nine weeks. >> that's remarkable, the claws. >> they can have six or seven cubs at a time. they can be heard about five miles away when they roar. >> this one making a little coughing noise. early, he makes a little hacking sound. >> they learn all this stuff when they grow up. >> can we touch? is that going to be okay? >> it looks real nice to people at home.
8:49 am
but the american zoo and aquarium association, a lot of the animals, from breeding zones. this could end up in the columbus zoo. >> it is a beautiful, beautiful -- >> aren't they something? >> yeah. >> they really are. >> who else do we have? >> you manage to do this, still, after 30 years of being here, bringing animals i never heard of before. this is a coatimundi? >> this is a coatimundi. the raccoon of south america, really. sam, you know how to bottle-feed? >> i'll let josh handle the bottle feeding right now. >> it's like a raccoon. these things get into everything. we have our tents over there. >> oh, gosh. oh, gosh. oh, gosh. oh, gosh. okay. everybody's good. everybody's good. yeah. >> they're an animal like a raccoon. they're over there by the thousands. >> okay.
8:50 am
the clouded leopard. >> one of the most beautiful things. >> one of the most rare creature in the world. >> lara, come see this. >> this animal can come down a tree forwards. the clouded leopard, they're an incredible creature. they're a rare creature. very rare in the wild. the spotted leopard was almost extinct for their coats. these coats are like $80,000 on the black market. >> ooh. >> hold this one, as well? >> i better hold this one. >> okay. >> here's what i got to say about that. that coat is worth nothing on the market because you can buy fake fur today that looks so amazingly real. so, do that and let these animals keep their coat. >> you have a good point, sam. some people live in malaysia trying to find the animal. i could be there for ten years and never find the animal. >> the teeth are very sharp. >> we have a guest here, as well, today. we mentioned him. kallen. kallen, can you come right in? pictures of kallen right now with so many different species of animal. this is something of a -- it's a pet project.
8:51 am
you want pictures taken with as many animals as you can. how many so far? >> 848. >> wow. is there one that sticks out? is there one special one? >> i do like the bobcat picture. he's up on my head, smelling my hair. >> we like that, yeah. >> his dad, though, has a station rehabilitation station for native animals of colorado. >> you grew up around them? >> yeah. i volunteered there. >> are you going to help him? are we going to push past the 1,000-mark? >> he dedicated his life to that. and they believe in conservation. this is another animal being rescued all over the country. that's a barn owl. that's a barn owl. >> so beautiful. >> we can try. >> the barn owls are -- owls are protected species all over the country. they're a beautiful animal, called the bird of silent flight. some of the animals can take down 20 mice in an hour. that's how valuable the owl is.
8:52 am
>> you know what's great? is the person in my ear telling me i look scared. thank you. thank you for breaking news here on "good morning america." that's a beautiful animal. >> jack, you're the only one who brings these things around and lets us understand that they should be running free in the wild. but they really can't be in so many places in this earth. >> we need the next generation to care about conservation. >> thank you. >> doing a great job. >> you have somebody great here to follow. thank you. you can see jack with more exotic animals, like the one resting on my arm. "jack hanna's wild countdown." it airs saturday morning on most abc stations. we will be right back. go nowhere.
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8:54 am
8:55 am
sam? sam, lara, why so tense? >> no reason. >> no reason. >> how about a big thank you for d.j. versus ky. great job, deejay. thanks a lot.
8:56 am
have a great weekend.
8:57 am
8:58 am
good morning i'm kristen sze. heavy rains and strong wind expected to hit the bay area truth the weekend. still in that flash flood warning in the north bay
8:59 am
around sonoma county be aware of that 9:15. today heaviest part of the storm now starting to taper a little beanes -- winds coming down waves of showers through saturday, stormy even more so on sunday. we'll get a break monday and tuesday. just coming down at the san mateo bridge problems 280 normally great commute northbound and southbound now very slow due to separate accidents flooding on 87 northbound has it jammed to 85. announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, from the comedy "30 rock" tracy morgan. and a holiday performance from the legendary singer rod stewart. plus, the hottest gadgets of the season as we wrap up "live's" holiday gift guide. season as we wrap up "live's" holiday gift guide. all next on the

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